A cover reveal, a piano guy and a chance to get yours first...

Creative James Media has revealed the cover of my latest novel, Among the Fallen , scheduled for release Feb 21st. Diana TC at Triumph Covers nailed the flavor of the tale which includes ghosts and dragons and an insatiable implacable evil bent on devouring the small Appalachian village of Drovers Gap and everybody in it. As with my last book, The Winged Child , Diana used a photograph taken by the author. 〰〇 〰   Keith Davis , one of the premier jazz pianists in the Southeast, will be making music at the pre-launch party for Among the Fallen on February 16, 4-6 p.m., at Mewdlic's in Saluda, NC.  Here's your chance to snag a copy before anyone else around the country, and hear the author read from the book and answer your questions, not to mention some top-flight piano jazz. This is an exclusive event. Among the Fallen won't be shipped from booksellers until the official publication date, February 21, 2023. 〰〇 〰  No cover reveal is complete until you've seen the ba

An interview, a homily, a cover story...

It has been almost seven years since the Main Muse and I moved up the mountain from South Carolina, where I was born and grew up. It was comforting to be invited to be the subject of this article in South Carolina Voyager magazine and discover I'm not entirely forgotten down there. On November twentieth, at eight and ten-thirty a.m. I'll be preaching to the Episcopalians at Church of the Transfiguration in Saluda, North Carolina. This is the second time they've invited me back, which says they are either short on memory or long on forgiveness. Creative James Media will reveal the cover of my next novel, Among the Fallen , on the 14th of this month. I have seen it and it's a wowser. It shares a font with the cover of my last novel, The Winged Child , as well as a couple of characters inside. If you want to glean a little back story (or is it forestory?), you can read The Winged Child before Among the Fallen comes out in February. Although Among the Fallen is set in

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